Silver Gilt Star Fruit Figurine by Comyns Silver

Silver Gilt Star Fruit Figurine by Comyns Silver

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The starfruit filled figurine is modelled after the real fruit. Fully gilt in 24K gold, the fruit's highly polished surface also captures the soft nature of the fruit. This item is filled then covered in a layer of silver see how the process works below. 

FILLING: Every Comyns sculpture is individually crafted in bonded porcelain to capture a particular moment, look or expression of an animal, or to faithfully reproduce an object. The sculpture is then enhanced with a layer of fine silver using sophisticated electro-deposit techniques. The item then goes through twelve different manufacturing processes. The final step is to add a protective sealant to preserve the bright finish.

To maintain the beauty of the sculpture, an occasional dusting will suffice. Hard cleaning materials, including silver polish, are not recommended.

Product dimensions:

W5.6CM L9.2CM

Silver hallmarked

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