a longings automatic conquest mens watch dated 1950s
a secondhand mens longings watch with gold case and dated 1950s
a 1950s mens longings watch with gold case and leather strap
a fine quality buckle on a leather and gold mens longings watch

Longines 18ct Gold Automatic Mens Wrist Watch, 1950s - Secondhand

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A vintage Longines mens automatic Conquest wrist watch.  With an 18 carat gold case.  The dial is cream with gold diamond cut batons and hands.  30mm dial and brown leather strap measuring 18mm.

It has an enamel back.

Calibre number AS19.

It is dated 1955/6.

Our reference - W795FW

All of our watches are guaranteed for 1 year upon point of sale.

Please note that as these watches are vintage, it would be difficult to guarantee that they are waterproof.