a secondhand gold plated swivel fob with bloodstone rock crystal and white agate
a secondhand gold plate fob with 3 stones bloodstone crystal and agate
a bloodstone white agate and rock crystal swivel gold plate swivel fob
a secondhand swivel fob gold plated with rock crystal bloodstone agate

Gold Plated Swivel Fob With Bloodstone, Rock Crystal and Agate - Secondhand

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A gold plated swivel fob set with an oval bloodstone rock crystal and a white agate.  The stones are set into the swivel seal with a screw design frame.  The white agate is seal engraved with initials.  

Each stone measures 8.50 x 6.50mm approx

Height - 23.00mm approx

Weight - 3.40gms

Our reference - F772YQ