a diamond cluster ring with a central cinnamon diamond and white diamond surround in gold and silver
a secondhand gold and silver cinnamon and white diamond ring
a beautiful diamond cluster ring in gold and silver with a centre cinnamon diamond
diamond cinnamon and white cluster ring in silver and gold secondhand

Diamond Cinnamon & White Cluster Ring in 18ct Gold and Silver - Secondhand

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An eleven stone old brilliant cut cinnamon and white diamond cluster ring in 18 carat yellow gold and silver.  The centre cinnamon diamond is raised claw set and is surrounded by a border of white diamonds, also claw set in silver.  This leads to the yellow gold shoulders and shank.

Diamonds 5.10 x 5.10mm approx, calculated as weighing 0.55ct.   10 diamonds 2.70 x 2.70mm approx.  Estimated as weighing 0.07ct each.

Total diamond weight estimated as weighing 1.25ct.

"18CT & SIL" stamped.

Our reference - R855WV