What is Corundum?

On our website you can find a large number of pieces of jewellery containing both Sapphires and Rubies.  After Diamond they are probably the most popular gems used. But why?

Well the fine blue of a Kashmir or Ceylon Sapphire and the richness of a Burmese Ruby are hard to beat.  They are also stones the have a long history of human use St Edwards Sapphire in the Crown Jewels is believed to have belonged to Edward the confessor nearly 1000 years ago.

However it is the practicality of these two stones that make them stand out from others. Both are second only in hardness to Diamond making them virtually indestructible.

This is because they are both a very strong crystalline form of Aluminium Oxide..... known commonly as Corundum. In its rough form Corundum is used as an abrasive.  However when trace elements such as Chromium Oxide are introduced Rubies are formed ; or Iron and Titanium Oxide, Sapphires are formed.

If you are thinking of purchasing an engagement ring and you would like a bit of colour.... Think hard about choosing one of these two stones, they should last you a lifetime..

a beautiful ruby and diamond ring       

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